vleseevent1This year, YEE started its Climate Campaign. The campaign is focused on the perils of global warming and it strives to get people involved in the fight against this issue. At the same time, other purpose of the campaign is to raise awareness about the fact that every one of us can make a difference, regardless of its magnitude.

Therefore, from the get-go, we decided that our campaign should have a wide impact, focusing on reaching people from all over Europe. In order to make things easier, but also to create something more long-term, we created a booklet with guidelines for organising a climate change workshop.

Prague1It is crazy, but one third of my EVS has already passed so it is time to summarize what happened to me so far. It is clear that, joining the team of an environmental organisation, such as YEE was a really great opportunity for me. During the first 4 months, I could get a tons of new experiences and new skills.

PredepartureIt has been exactly 4 months minus two days since I came in Prague to take on my EVS adventure. It has been more than a year since I applied for this position at YEE. I still remember the great pleasure I felt when I got notified that I am selected to be one of the two EVS volunteers. I also remember the excitement I felt when I came face to face with the fact that I'm leaving my country and everything that is a part of my daily life (especially my comfort zone). Still, even though I felt the eagerness and anticipation, I knew that it is not 100% easy to give up your "previous life" and start something brand new from scratch.

AM2In July, YEE's most important event for this year happened – the Annual Meeting 2015. The significance of this event is based on the YEE's role as an umbrella organisation that caters to its members and their needs.

When it comes to the Annual Meeting, a short description of it is that it is an annual event where delegates from member organisations gather for three days somewhere in Europe, in order to discuss what has happened in the previous year and what should happen in the following, as regards to the work of YEE and the respective member organisations. The meeting also serves as a platform for the member organisations to showcase their activities, projects and plans and furthermore network with other organisations. Last but not least, during the AM, several different documents are adopted and a new Board is selected by voting of the full members.

50-IMG 20150522 191050As most of you know, ever since April, YEE's latest addition to its office team for a whole year are the two new EVS volunteers: Judit and me, Vladimir. You already know what EVS is (if not click here) but now I'm going to write about an aspect that is a part of every volunteer's service, and that is the on-arrival training.

EVS volunteers have several trainings related to their volunteering period: pre-departure, on-arrival, mid-term training and final evaluation. By definition, the on-arrival training is a several-day event designed to help the new volunteers get acquainted with the new host country, its culture and language. In addition, the training helps the volunteer prepare for the service and to learn more about how to expand his/ her skills. Last but not least, the on-arrival is the perfect networking opportunity for meeting fellow volunteers from all over Europe.