VladimirGoodbyeArticleI already said goodbye in a different section on the website and you can read my short and final thoughts there.

What I would like to dedicate this article to, my last article in this EVS Blog, is my mini-project.  A short info what a mini-project is: it is something that every EVS volunteer needs to do during his/ her EVS and this project should reflect the learnings and knowledge received in the organisation where the volunteering was done. Also, the mini-project should benefit the organisation.

LearningDaysArticleBeing a part of YEE's office, I can honestly say that I am constantly subjected to new learning opportunities. These things can be useful not only for the place I am working at the moment, but also for some future professional and personal situations.

In order to learn and inspire each other, every year YEE organises its Learning Days, during which it gives space to the people in the office to offer the others a topic they all find interesting.

IMG 3499bThe new year brought many new things for the EVS volunteers in YEE.

First of all, we both celebrated the New Year's Eve in beautiful Prague and pretty much enjoyed the dynamic atmosphere that the city had to offer. For me this was a good way to welcome the year I finish my EVS and the year which can and should lead me to new life explorations.

Another amazing thing that I experienced from the beginning of the year is the snow. Maybe you don't know, but winter is my favorite season and I was looking forward to it in Prague. The snow this year was heavy, they say the heaviest in the last years, so I guess I should be very happy. Also, even though I am very sure that Prague always looks gorgeous, still, the city had a special, maybe serene atmosphere covered in white.

Masopust1Masopust is a typical Czech tradition to celebrate the end of winter and the arrival of spring. It is a hedonist carnival with lot of eating and drinking when anybody can dress up or wear a mask. We could see mostly kids who happily 'transformed' into their favorite animals or characters, like a bear or Spiderman. The best costumes were even rewarded with some presents.

As Masopust is one of the most important events of Toulcuv Dvur, Vladimir and I definitely wanted to take part in the celebration, thus we participated by representing some of the traditional characters of the Czech carnival: me as a groom and Vladimir as my "beautiful" bride.

VladimirChristmas2As you've probably read by now, ever since I took the first step of my EVS, I've been repeating one phrase over and over again, and that is "EVS is all about new experiences". It sounds redundant, and people are starting to get fed up with it, but it is true nevertheless.

During the past 8 months and 3 days, so many things have happened, so many things have changed and so much progress has been made in this period of my life. Before I started this journey, I've read some personal recollection of one ex-volunteer who claimed that "after EVS, nothing is the same". Maybe this is true, maybe an exaggeration, but I am quite positive that EVS, especially one that lasts 12 months, is a perfect way for self-discovery and self-development. Thanks to the support of Erasmus+, this voluntary service is well-structured to benefit all parties involved. Speaking of, it goes without saying that the hosting organisation and its dedication are the foundation of the bountiful outcomes.