The Right to Be(e)

logoTRTB2The Right to Be(e) campaign aims to support the survival of bees. 

It was created in 2012 to attract more attention to the disappearance and well-being of bees in Europe. Its first activities started in 2013, when YEE encouraged people across Europe to plant bee-friendly flowers in a planting flashmob on Earth Day. 

This year we will continue with the campaign. You can find out more information about The Right to Be(e) campaign 2017 here. Anyone and everyone is welcome to join! It is a perfect example of the philosophy: Think Globally, Act Locally.


What you can do to help the bees:

  • Organise local planting actions
  • Green up your cities
  • Spread news about bees in your local communities
  • Support local beekeepers
  • Campaign against pesticides
  • Rejoice in your love for bees!

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Keep the planet buzzing. Donations will be spent on bee workshops in Prague, YEE's headquarters.



We are recruiting bee campaigners to make a local actions in their own communities! We are creating interactive workshop guides for our campaigners. Sign up here!


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