Board Meeting February 2013

On aBoard meeting3 chilly winter weekend the board members of YEE met in Prague to discuss the most time-sensitive and important matters. YEE office had long not seen the entire board personnel, but this time the 2012-2013 board did not fail to fulfill their duty.

The meeting kicked off on Sat morning with a brief team building session and updates from all officers and the secretariat. To make sure that all aspects of their work are going well, the officers discussed the implementation of the work plan along with the issue of YEE membership, as some organisations apparently need a little awakening process :).

Board meeting 2

With the fast approaching annual meeting, the board members discussed all details connected with it, so we may be sure that no surprises are awaiting and everything will go smoothly, as planned. Other issues included the budget, external relations and work strategies.

After hard working days, the officers together with the secretariat took pleasure in seeing nightly Prague and tasting some good food, including the one prepared by themselves. The greatest memories, however, which remain after the meeting are related to the people and the wonderful time spent together. After all, this is why we put our effort in YEE: to be closer to each other and act together for the better world.