Campaign 2017

When: April-May 2017
Who: everyone interested
Where: all over Europe
What: different activities that make this world a better place for bees


Bees are already up and about their business...and what are you up to?

Spring is here. A perfect time for launching this year's edition of our "The Right to Be(e)" campaign. Like many years before, we again set out to attract more attention to the well-being of bees in Europe. "The Right to Be(e)" is a grassroots campaign which aims to support the survival of bees with local actions. It is open to everybody - no matter if you are a bee enthusiast or not. And in the end it is for everybody, not just bees. By helping them, we help ourselves on the long run.

This year we will focus on sharing, action and support. Join the hive and make your actions matter! Contribute to our campaign by doing one or more of these activities:

Do not forget to share your actions and support pictures with us:) Fill in the the activity form, add pictures from your actions to the email and send all to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. until the 20th of May. We will share all actions via YEE webpage and social media.

We’re already looking forward to share your activities. May the buzz be with you!