Environmental challenge accepted - meeting in Portugal

Another successful meeting was organised within the project “Environmental challenge accepted”. The second project meeting took place on 4-6 November 2016 in Porto, Portugal and was hosted by OPE, one of the partner organisations of this project.

The project “Environmental challenge accepted” is coordinated by BALTA DABA (Latvia) and includes 5 partner organisations, including YEE. You can read more about this project here.

As in the meeting before (August 2016, Estonia) 2 representatives of each partner attended this event. A lot of useful work was done during these 3 days.

Four of the partners of the project have specific tasks to work on - they chose two-three environmental problems in their local communities and now they will work on solving these problems with local young people.

The first day of the meeting started when partners presented their local environmental problems and potential ways of improving the situations. After lunch we had a bit of physical work - we planted trees in Matosinhos together with representatives of a local university and the municipality. They work on the project of bringing former landfill space to a more natural state with native trees and flowers.

On the second day partners worked more on discussing the local projects - they gave feedback and useful tips to each other to make the projects better. We also discussed the role of YEE in this project - we will organise an international competition for young people who solved their local environmental problems.

On the second half of the day we visited several locations where OPE are planning to work on environmental problems.

The third day was dedicated to learning more about Porto and surroundings. In the morning we enjoyed sunny and very interesting walk in the Biological Park of nearby town Gaia. And later we went on an unusual tour around Porto dedicated to hidden places and buildings with interesting architecture.

And so the meeting finished - now it is time for all partners to work on their local projects and we will be happy to share the results on our website. Stay tuned for more news about this project!